Digital Signage… It’s Everywhere…

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The demand for good digital signage content is only going to grow as move into the future.

Since content needs to be current and fresh, customers will be looking for content that can easily be updated by non-technical users without having to learn how to use complicated digital signage systems.

PowerSign is an example of that kind of software.

Digital Signage Content is transitioning as technology evolves.

More dynamic content is being created by connecting existing data sources to the signage platform.

This allows for information like calendar/scheduling, menu items/pricing, welcoming information, production matrix  to automatically populate a digital signage screen without manual entry.

This keeps content fresh, current, accurate without someone tasked to be the signage content expert to update the screens.

As the technology increases, costs reduced, and software and programming connect the hardware together – new solutions – many interactive are evolving.