Hotel Digital Signage

Hotels are fast paced, ever-changing environments with new people and events every day. To keep up with hotel conferences, events and advertising, top hotels around the world are adding hotel digital signage to their facilities.

Hotel digital signage displays graphics, text and video on large television screens or monitors in your hotel lobby, conference center or anywhere else in your facility. Our eyes are naturally drawn to nearby monitors with movement and color so you can be sure your message will be read.


Ways to use Hotel Digital Signage

Here are some ways to use hotel digital signage

  1. Events: Show all the events happening in the hotel so guests can easily find their conference or event. This saves your staff time as there will be less requests as to which room an event is in and what time it starts.
  2. Directional Signage: Directional signage will show arrows showing which way to the various event rooms, restaurant, pub, pool, fitness center and other facilities you offer. This makes it easier for your guests to find their way around, improves the guest’s experience and again saves your staff time answering questions.
  3. Advertising:  Your hotel digital signage can display advertising graphics and videos. You can advertise your restaurant and pub specials, capturing more of your guests spending dollars as they decide to eat and relax in your hotel instead of going out to eat and drink. You can also sell advertising to outside firms such as local attractions, giving your guests more things to do and generating an additional revenue stream for your hotel.
  4. Specials: If you have last minute openings. discounts and other specials, you can advertise these in your lobby and in your street windows.
  5. Weather: Show your guests what the outside weather is like to they can dress and make plans accordingly.
  6. News: Your lobby signage can show news updates, either full screen or in a news ticker format.
  7. Sports: Do you have lots of sports fans staying with you? Or is there a major event like the World Cup or Olympics happening? You can show sport stats, news or even live stream sport broadcasts right on your signage.
  8. Time Display: Show the current time in multiple time zones for your business travelers who need to connect with clients and team members in other cities.
  9. Countdown Timer:  Have you got something big going on in your hotel? Perhaps a grand opening of a restaurant or a major event? What about New Years? Use a digital signage countdown timer to show a countdown to the event.
  10. Picture Carousel:  Display a carousel of ever-changing pictures of your amenities or local attractions.
  11. Hotel Channels on In-Room TVs:  The TV sets in each room can also be turned into digital signage. You can have a hotel channel that shows amenities and restaurant specials along with trailers for pay per view movies or other PPV events.

Hotel Digital Signage Software

When creating your hotel digital signage, we suggest you start with PowerPoint. PowerPoint is easy to use and very powerful.

Here are some tools you can use to create hotel digital signage with PowerPoint.

  1. PowerSign – PowerPoint add on that lets you schedule playlists of signage, advertising, events, etc.
  2. DataSign – connects PowerPoint to data sources such as your event calendar, menu price lists and other data feeds.
  3. Dynamic Widgets – connects PowerPoint to automatically updating News, Weather, Clocks, Music, Pictures and more.

Dynamic Digital Signage

What is dynamic digital signage?

A dictionary defines “dynamic” as a process or system characterized by constant change, activity, or progress. So, unlike traditional signage, digital signage is dynamic. It can be changing as often as you like with regularly updating activity.


Dynamic Digital Signage Uses

  1. Advertising: Instead of showing a single advertisement for a single product or brand, dynamic digital signage can show a series of ads for a wide range of products, services and upcoming events. You can even schedule advertising to show different ads based on time of day (seniors advertising in the morning, youth after school), time of year (warmer clothing in the winter, swimsuits in the summer) and upcoming holidays like Mother’s Day, Halloween or Christmas.
  2. Live Data Feeds: You can update your digital signage in real time from a central location. So your dynamic digital signage can show updating prices, stock availability, reports, notice boards and more.
  3. Updating News, Weather and Sports: You can show automatically updating news, weather and sports on your signage to keep your clients up to date and entertained. This is great for waiting rooms, coffee shops, hotel lobbies, customer lineups and other places where people need to wait.
  4. Event Countdowns: Want to create excitement for your upcoming event? Add a countdown timer to your digital signage – just like Times Square at New Year’s Eve.

How To Create Dynamic Digital Signage

Here are some software tools you can use to create dynamic digital signage:

  1. PowerPoint: PowerPoint is an excellent choice for digital signage software because it lets you turn any computer (or compute stick) and monitor or TV into digital signage instead of purchasing expensive proprietary hardware, In addition, PowerPoint it is easy to use, already available to most offices and has a number of digital signage software add-ons.(Dynamic presentation software : DataSign, queue management software, digital signage software : PowerSign, handy apps : Dynamic Widgets
  2. PowerSign: PowerSign is digital signage player software you can use to create playlists of advertising, graphics, PowerPoint presentations, videos, audio and other media for your dynamic digital signage.
  3. DataSign: DataSign is a PowerPoint add-on that lets you connect your digital signage to common data sources like databases, XML files, RSS feeds, Facebook info, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Excel, CSV, JSON, oData, Microsoft SharePoint, OLE DB, ODBC, Microsoft SQL and MySQL. This lets you create digital signage that automatically updates as your information updates. You can use this for event updates, digital menu boards and much more.
  4.  Dynamic Widgets : You can use Dynamic Widgets to add news, pictures, weather, music,  RSS feeds, clocks and timers  to your PowerPoint digital signage or to create video walls where you display your slideshow over multiple displays.

Manufacturing KPI Dashboard with PowerPoint en PowerSign

tachometerA car’s dashboard gives you vital up-to-date information about your car’s performance. Similarly, a manufacturing KPI dashboard gives you a visual, at-a-glance method, of monitoring your manufacturing Key Performance Indicators.

There are hundreds of possible manufacturing KPIs you can monitor. Here are a few examples:

  1. Throughput: This is the amount of product being produced. You can count this by the day, week or by the shift to create friendly competition between employee teams.
  2. Rejects: This can show the reject rate of the product you are producing.
  3. Downtime: Shows how much time are you losing due to equipment failures, material shortages, and other factors.
  4. Safety: Track how many days your workplace is running accident-free.
  5. Materials Inventory: Track your materials inventory to minimize downtime due to material shortages.
  6. On-Time Delivery: Tracks the percentage of time that you deliver a completed product to your clients on schedule.

The manufacturing KPIs you choose to measure should reflect your larger goals such as improving quality, customer experience and efficiency. You should focus on a few critical ones rather than a huge number of indicators that have less impact. The KPIs must also be indicators that those in charge can control and that they can train workers to achieve.

The first step to your manufacturing KPI dashboard is to ensure you have all the data you need and can get the updated KPI at a regularly scheduled time. Review your manufacturing software and processes to see where you can generate real-time shop floor data.

Now, look at the format the data is in so we can determine how to get the data onto reporting slides. Our DataSign tool lets you import a wide range of data types into a PowerPoint presentation you can use to create a manufacturing KPI dashboard. So you can have data from multiple computer and manufacturing systems all in one presentation.

These data formats you can import include:

  • Excel
  • .CSV files
  • JSON
  • XML
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server and others

DataSign lets you connect these data feeds to your manufacturing KPI dashboard and update it in real time. The results can be expressed in numbers, charts or even in visual art displays like tachometers and infographics.